TAX doesn't have to be taxing

At Claremont Associates, tax is a core focus.  Why? Because its how we can add real value to our client by ensuring they are not bogged down by tax compliance and they pay the right amount of tax.  We take a holistic view to minimise tax at both the company level and the personal level.  We also try our best to explain what is by it's nature a complex system in jargon-free plain English. Our team of tax consultants are on hand and available to help you keep your tax returns bill to a minimum and advise you on the best tax planning solutions for the future.


The deadline for your company tax return is usually 12 months after your company year end. However, what trips some people up is that payment of any corporation tax due is nine months after your company year end.  We will aim to start work on your company tax return as soon as your company financial year has ended. We will discuss your return with you and ensure you have claimed reliefs available to you as well as look as possible ways of minimising your corporation tax bill.


If your business is VAT registered, then we will review and file your return to HMRC on a quarterly basis.  We will also assess and advise on the suitability of different VAT schemes (eg Flat Rate, VAT Cash Accounting Scheme, VAT Annual Accounting Scheme).  If you’ve got more complex requirements such as international trading, we can help with that too. Get in touch today.


We can set you up on payroll or you can outsource your existing payroll function to us. We are experts in payroll and can guide you and deal with more complex scenarios such as sick pay, maternity leave.  We will also handle payroll communication with HMRC. 


We can also handle all your auto-enrolment communication and set you up on the Government NEST scheme to ensure that you remain compliant .


Are you looking for investment in your start-up or business idea?  The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) are government backed schemes that offer your potential investors significant tax breaks if they invest in your company. We can discuss the schemes with you and advise you in terms of the appropriate structures and tax incentives available.  We can apply for SEIS and EIS advanced assurance so that you can approach investors knowing that your business is approved for SEIS/EIS.


R&D (Research and Development) tax credits can provide a valuable cash boost for your business. We can make the application for you and put you in touch with our experts to assess your activities and advise on your eligibility for tax credits.