If you are a director of a limited company, you're responsible for filing a set of financial statements annually. The filing deadline is usually 9 months after your company's year end, but we will get in touch as soon as your year end is completed to finalise and submit your accounts, so that its not left to the last minute with the risk of penalties.


Bookkeeping sits within the 'back office' of every business and is the financial backbone of every business.  However, as your business grows, you may not have the time to get bogged down by bookkeeping.  Further, if you aren't already using cloud-based accounting software, you are falling behind the times and, more than likely, wasting hours of your time maintaining your business books.  As a Xero certified firm, we will set you up on Xero and implement a robust, automated bookkeeping system which generates useful, real-time financial information about your business.  We’ll also hold your hand during the first few weeks and teach you the basics of Xero until you are comfortable. We can easily transition you to Xero from Sage, QuickBooks, Excel or any other accounting software.  Being Xero certified advisors, we can help answer any Xero questions you might have and offer you valuable advice to make the most out of the technology available.



Your business could be losing money or even paying too much tax as a result of missing invoices, receipts and unclaimed expenses.  For instance, in the event of an HMRC enquiry, you must be able to show receipts for business expenses you have claimed a deduction for. You must also have a valid supplier invoice for VAT you are reclaiming.  As a business owner, you will receive some receipts electronically, others as hard copies and its easy to lose them.  We will set you up with a dedicated email address for approved supplier invoices to be sent to us.  Our Datamolino systems will scan and extract the financial information from all your bills, invoices and receipts and push them into your Xero software.  Your records will always be accurate, complete and up to date and your receipts and invoices will be stored electronically in the cloud. We strive to make our clients 100% paperless.



Chasing invoices for payment is difficult but it is something that a small business owner can not afford to let get out of hand.  Bigger companies can afford a credit control department, however, the good news is that you do not have waste valuable time chasing your customers.  We will integrate an app into your Xero software to effectively automate chasing your customers to pay their invoices.